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SuDan Farm is proud to offer locally grown lamb, poultry, eggs and wool products. Our lambs are grass fed, have no hormones, no growth enhancers or antibiotics! Please look at our list, below, to see what we have to offer you.

Price List - SuDan Farms
Item Price (Per lb)
Smoked 80% Lamb-20% Pork "Octoberfest" Sausage (1lb pkg) $10.00
Smoked 100% Lamb (Pork Free) "Octoberfest" Sausage (1lb pkg) $10.00
Lamb Pepperoni (1 stick) $2.00
Lamb Pepperoni (1lb pkg/15 sticks) $24.00
Lamb Jerky (4oz pkg) $9.00
Lamb Bacon $11.95
Red Wine Lamb Salami (8 oz pkg) $10.00
Shanks (2 per pkg) $6.95
Osso Bucco Shanks (2 per pkg, Cut 2 inches Thick) $7.50
Denver Ribs $5.00
Ground (in 1lb pkgs) $7.00
Sweet Italian Raw Lamb Sausage $7.50
Kabobs (about 1lb) $8.95
Leg of Lamb (Bone-in) $6.75
Leg of Lamb (Boneless, Butterflied) $7.95
Rib Chops (4 Chops/pkg) $12.75
Loin Chops (4 Chops/pkg) & Loin Roasts w/Bone $12.75
Loins & Tenderloins, Boneless (~.5-1.5lbs) $22.00
Rack of Lamb (8 bones) $14.75
Leg Steaks (2 per pkg) $8.50
Shoulder Roast (boned) $6.95
Shoulder Steaks (2 per pkg) $6.95
Sirloin Steaks (2 per pkg) $8.95
Lamb Livers, Hearts, Kidneys $4.00
Lamb Broth Bones $2.95
Neck Bones (Raw) for Stock, Pets $3.95
Lamb Tails (like ox tails) $2.75
Lamb Cheeks $7.00
Lamb Tongues $5.00
Lamb Sweetbreads $10.00
Lamb Bellies $6.00
Lamb Necks, whole $6.00
Corned Lamb (like improved corned beef) $7.95
Smoked Lamb Bones for Dogs $3.00
Locker Lamb, Whole or Half (Custom Cut, Wrapped) $6.10
Whole Lamb Carcass (about 55-60lbs) $5.50
Chicken Eggs (Brown Eggs from Pastured Hens) Per Dozen $7.00
Duck Eggs (from Pastured Ducks) Per Dozen $9.00
Chicken Fryers, Pasture Raised (Seasonal Fresh from May-October) $5.00
Rabbit Fryers (~3lbs, Limited Availability) $7.50
Turkeys & Geese Call for Availability & Price

How to Place An Order:

Please contact Susie or Dan Wilson by Email: susdan@web-ster.com
or Phone (for meat orders/questions) Dan at 971-219-3884
(for breeding stock/fiber)    Susie at 971-219-3882
Special Orders Welcome! Shipping Available! Wholesale & Retail!
Home Delivery Charge--$10 per trip

Prices subject to change (April 2021)

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