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We raise purebred Border Leicester, Coopworth, and Gotland sheep, both white & naturally colored, registered and commercial. Our breeding flock is comprised of about 40 ewes. (Our meat animals live further south in the Willamette Valley.)

We closed our flock in 2000 and began to use laparoscopic artificial insemination (LAI) to add better genetics and to begin to raise our own replacements. LAI has made it possible for small producers to have access to some of the best genetics in the world. We have used semen from New Zealand, Australia, and the UK for the Border Leicesters and Coopworths. Gotland semen has come from the UK, and, hopefully, soon from Sweden. (In 2004 we began using purebred Gotland semen to upgrade Border Leicester ewes. We now have Gotlands in the 73.5%-85.5% range).

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It is expensive and time consuming to do LAI, but it drastically changed our flock for the better. We continue to do LAI on a small number of animals every year and the rest are naturally bred. We even host an AI Day in the fall for other small producers to bring one or more sheep to be AI'd. The LAI is done by Martin & Joy Dally of Supersire Ltd in Lebanon, Oregon. Contact us by susdan@web-ster.com email or contact the Dallys at www.toprams.com if this interests you.

We entered the Federal VSFCP (Voluntary Scrapie Free Certification Program) Program in 2000 (Flock OR-79) and became certified scrapie free in 2007. Shortly after that, we were one of the very first flocks in Oregon to enter the Federally monitored export program and were Export Certified in 2013. This enables us to export female & male breeding sheep to Canada and elsewhere out of the continental USA.

We have been OPP test negative since 1998 and are members of the OPP Concerned Sheep Breeders' Society. We keep extensive records on our sheep and strive for sheep that meet and exceed the breed standards and that are productive in every way. We care about temperments, wool weights/quality/consistency, mothering, milking, bone, feed efficiency, carcass percentages, parasite resistance, and more.

We annually ship breeding stock all over the US and Canada, and our animals are found in top flocks from coast to coast.

first pair ewe lambs at oregon state fair in 2016

1st Pair Ewe Lambs
2016 Oregon State Fair

You can usually see our animals at a few local shows around the area each year. We show at the Black Sheep Gathering in Eugene, OR, every June. We show at the Oregon State Fair in August in Salem, OR. We usually also have a few animals at Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival in Canby, OR, the 4th weekend in September, as well. We also welcome visitors whenever we're home. Call ahead for an appointment, please.

SuDan Farm won the Black Sheep Cup in 2016

Black Sheep Cup
2016 Black Sheep Gathering

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